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On an island in the middle of the ocean, you've discovered a great totem! A statue of a goat on a pole stands from a rock. You feel like the statue is trying to tell you something -- telling you to bring others to it so they too can bask in the glory of goat-on-a-poledness.
Search the island for other people, and lead them to the goat on a pole. Then perhaps the glory of the statue will bring you enlightenment! Or something.

Happy Island was a game made in about 60 hours for TOJam 8 all the way back in 2013. It's very simple -- find people on the island and lead them to the goat on a pole. This is a slightly updated version using MonoGame instead of classic XNA to run.

How to Play

Happy Island supports Xbox 360 gamepad or keyboard input (but only one or the other; not both at the same time). If you have a gamepad plugged in, it will default to that; otherwise use the keyboard to play. You'll require a keyboard with a number pad.

You'll start by the statue of the goat on a pole. Walk around the island, talk to the people you find, and get them to follow you to the goat on a pole. Once everyone has been lead to the statue, you've won the game! Be careful, though. Not everyone is as quick as you, and if you get too far ahead, they'll wander back to what they were doing before.


ActionGame PadKeyboard
Move aroundLeft StickNumpad buttons
Talk to personA ButtonZ key
Let person goB ButtonX key
PauseStart/BackEsc key

Acid Cube Games
Release date May 05, 2013
AuthorsAcid Cube Games, zahlman, coldacid
Made withMonoGame, Tiled
Tags2D, escort-mission, Isometric, tojam, tojam8
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


happy-island-windows.zip 3 MB
Version 1 Jan 09, 2018

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